Without Timely Dental Care a Fractured Tooth Could Harbor a New Cavity

Dental fractures can occur from an unprotected blow to the face, accidental fall, or something as simple as grinding your teeth at night. When the tooth enamel is damaged it creates an aberrant surface that could gradually start to collect bacterial deposits. This could allow a new cavity to form and spread quickly through an already traumatized tooth.   Dr.... read more »

A Patient With a Failing Dental Filling May Need a Dental Crown Restoration

A dental filling is often used to treat a single surface cavity or a minor physical defect that in a tooth’s enamel layer. The material used for the dental filling will be securely bonded or cemented to the surrounding healthy tooth enamel to restore the basic function and structure of the tooth for many years. If you sometimes struggle to... read more »

Dental Crowns: Your Key to Crowning Glory

At Coddington Dental, you can crown your smile with glory. Dental crowns may be used to: strengthen teeth with large fillings when there isn’t enough of the tooth remaining to hold the filling. attach bridges, wherein there is one missing tooth and one or more weak teeth next to it. protect weak teeth from breaking or restore those already broken.... read more »