Without Timely Dental Care a Fractured Tooth Could Harbor a New Cavity

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Dental fractures can occur from an unprotected blow to the face, accidental fall, or something as simple as grinding your teeth at night. When the tooth enamel is damaged it creates an aberrant surface that could gradually start to collect bacterial deposits. This could allow a new cavity to form and spread quickly through an already traumatized tooth.  

Dr. Jurgina Elezi can sometimes repair a minor dental fracture with a simple amalgam or composite dental filling. If the fracture is in a critical location or compromises a large area of tooth enamel, Dr. Jurgina Elezi might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown.  

This will involve removing the entire tooth enamel layer to replace it with an alternate material. The dental crown will need to be prepared in at an offsite dental lab.

A staff member at Dr. Jurgina Elezi’s dental office will call you to schedule a brief second appointment when the dental crown is ready. Dr. Jurgina Elezi will then cement your new piece of dental crown in place with a strong dental adhesive.

Once this is done the fully restored tooth with rival the strength and durability your previously enjoyed in the original tooth.

If you live in the Quincy, Massachusetts, area and you have a tooth with a large chip or fracture, you should call 617-729-4091 to have it treated and repaired at Coddington Dental.