Whiten Your Smile With a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Why not greet this summer with a beautiful, white smile to remember? With summer at our heels, fun times and sunshine heads our way and with it comes many pictures to be taken. If you feel your smile needs a polish and shine, consider a teeth whitening treatment with your... Read more »

Learning about Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever been to the dentist’s office and seen advertisements for “cosmetic dentistry” procedures? Have you ever wondered what that means? A lot of people do, but cosmetic dentistry is growing more popular across the country. The term “cosmetic dentistry” is a general term for a bunch of different... Read more »

Should I Get Invisalign©?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should get Invisalign©, the answer for almost everyone is yes. It’s a great way to straighten teeth quickly and discreetly. But you can’t just jump into a treatment without any thought or regard for other orthodontic treatment options. Before you look at different... Read more »

Complete Your Smile With Dental Implants

Did you know, you can complete your smile with dental implants? Yes, it’s true! If you are missing teeth, then our dentist, Dr. Jurgina Elezi with Coddington Dental in Quincy, Massachusetts, is here to share with you more information on dental implants. There are numerous ways a person can lose... Read more »

Various Issues Associated With Dental Floss

One of most important oral health care treatments you can give yourself is a flossing routine. Every day you should be flossing between your teeth. It is essential that you floss between your teeth because brushing alone cannot hope to reach these areas. Only with the use of an interdental... Read more »

Could Dentures Meet Your Dental Needs?

Dentures have a reputation of being intended only for older patients, but thanks to modern advances in the dental field, they can serve an effective tooth replacement for any patient who has lost teeth. You may find that the different types of dentures are just right to fully restore the... Read more »

Common Dental Emergencies and What You Can Do

When it comes to protecting your smile, it’s important to be aware of how to treat dental emergencies. We offer a review of basic treatments for three common dental emergencies to help minimize damage: – Bite damage: If you accidentally bite your lips, gums, or tongue, the good news is... Read more »

Dental Questions Answered on Dental Veneers

  If you seek to improve the look of your smile, cosmetic dentistry procedures can prove to be extremely beneficial. One particularly effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be used to customize the smile you've always dreamed of is dental veneers. Because they are used for each individual tooth, dental... Read more »

Enjoy Your Smile Thanks to Composite Dental Fillings

  There's no better time to receive a dental filling than in modern dentistry. Thanks to the numerous cutting-edge procedures and treatments that are available to your dentist, we can effectively restore your smile with tooth-colored fillings in the forms of composites. Composites are designed to mimic the natural look... Read more »

A Damaged Partial Denture Needs Timely Attention

The new partial denture provided to you by Dr. Jurgina Elezi and her team is intended to replicate the basic appearance and function of your missing teeth. While it has been constructed from durable dental materials, it is still not invulnerable to harm. If you have a bad habit of... Read more »