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The American Dental Association recommends that you attend a routine dental checkup with a dentist like Dr. Jurgina Elezi twice each year. This simple outpatient appointment will effectively clean your teeth while detecting any signs of oral cancer, periodontal health problems, and dental caries.

If Jurgina Elezi finds a cavity on one of your teeth, she will help you understand your treatment options. If it is small she might be able to repair the area of tooth decay with a dental filling. The treatment process calls for removing all signs of tooth decay with a dental drill and replacing the compromised area of tooth enamel with another substance.

The material Dr. Jurgina Elezi uses for your dental filling will be based on the tooth’s location and its visibility in your smile.

An amalgam dental filling is created from a blend of dental metals that are durable yet dark in color. This makes them a better choice for repairing a cavity on a premolar or molar that will not appear in your smile.

Composite dental fillings are made from a special type of dental resin that Dr. Jurgina Elezi can shade to perfectly match the surrounding tooth enamel. This makes them a good choice for repairing a cavity that will appear in your smile.

If you live in the Quincy, Massachusetts, area and you are overdue for a dental exam or you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your teeth, you should call 617-729-4091 to schedule an appointment at Coddington Dental.