Take Your Oral Health Care to New Heights with Dental Floss

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Not all interdental cleaners work the same way. It is important to find which tool to use that will best benefit your smile. A good place to start is with traditional dental floss, which uses a piece of thread to gently clean between teeth. To take your oral health care to new heights with dental floss, read on!

-To avoid contamination between teeth will not take place, use a floss strand roughly 18 inches in length for each session, and move up and down the strand of floss for each different gap.

– Never use the same part of a thread strand more than once.

– If your dental flossing strengths are diminishing due to age and pain, switch to an easier-to-use interdental cleaner such as a water flosser.

– If possible, you should floss every day for 2-3 minutes each session, ensuring the areas between each tooth are thoroughly cleaned.

– Search for floss that won’t easily shred or tear during use, including products that have met the American Dental Association’s requirements for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Be aware that single filament thread is designed to be shred resistant.

For any additional questions or concerns about dental floss or oral health cleaning techniques, Coddington Dental is here to help you with all your oral health needs. For a complete diagnosis from Dr. Jurgina Elezi or Dr. Danika Crabtree at our dentist office in Quincy, Massachusetts, you can schedule an appointment by calling 617-729-4091. We look forward to helping your healthy smile thrive!