Invisalign® for Your Smile & Oral Health

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When it comes to an aligned smile, Invisalign® can accomplish more than just straight teeth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), having an aligned smile actually improves your overall dental health. This is in addition to fixing the oral issues brought on by an improper bite such as chewing difficulties, problems with the jaw, and wear on tooth enamel.

Dr. Jurgina Elezi and our Coddington Dental team are excited to offer Invisalign clear aligners for our patients in Quincy, Massachusetts looking for straighter smiles. Invisalign effectively corrects orthodontic issues, so you’ll have the confidence of an attractive smile and increase the likelihood of improved oral health. Let’s take a look.

Gum Health

When you have teeth that are crowded in your smile or spaced too widely, you can experience red, swollen gums. Swollen gums indicate periodontal or gum disease, so this is not a good sign. When your teeth are aligned as they should be, your gums will fit the teeth more securely and protect against potential issues with gum disease. Invisalign fixes these issues by using a series of clear aligners that are comfortable to wear while gradually moving your teeth into alignment.

Oral Hygiene

By now you know that oral hygiene is the foundation of strong oral health. Yet, when you wear braces, it is hard to remove food particles and oral debris which can become trapped in the brackets and wires. If it’s not removed daily, you can have a buildup of plaque that invites tooth decay. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you can brush and floss your teeth like normal, without trying to clean around brackets and wires.

Systemic Health

Your mouth contains bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease if not removed daily as it builds plaque. These conditions can lead to sores in the mouth, tender, bleeding gums, halitosis (or bad breath) and even tooth loss unless treated.

According to the ADA, oral infections are linked to problems in the body such as heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and even stroke. With the help of Invisalign, you can achieve a healthy, aligned smile while protecting your pearly whites in the process.

Coddington Dental invites you to give us a call at 617-729-4091 if you would like to learn how Invisalign can straighten your smile and help your oral health. Dr. Jurgina Elezi and our team look forward to helping you have a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come!