Could Dentures Meet Your Dental Needs?

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Dentures have a reputation of being intended only for older patients, but thanks to modern advances in the dental field, they can serve an effective tooth replacement for any patient who has lost teeth. You may find that the different types of dentures are just right to fully restore the appearance and function of your smile.

By replacing missing teeth with a custom-made denture appliance, you can significantly improve the quality of your life, as dentures help you chew your food properly, pronounce words that were hard to say without teeth and regain the normal sound of your voice. Dentures can also be more affordable than other treatments for tooth replacement.

There are three main types of dentures that can be custom made to meet your dental needs:

– Full dentures: These appliances are also called conventional dentures as they are the most common, and are placed after the gums have healed from the tooth extraction.

– Immediate dentures: We can place dentures in the same visit as your tooth extraction if you don’t want to go without teeth.

– Partial dentures: A large gap between healthy teeth can be filled with a partial denture that clasps to the teeth on either side.

You can enjoy several years of use from your dentures, especially if they receive the care they need to stay in good shape. Dentures should be brushed every morning and night and left to soak in denture cleaner or water when not in use so they won’t dry out.

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