Bone Graft: The Many Things this Treatment Can Do for Your Smile

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A bone graft might seem a little scary, but in reality, it’s a beneficial and successful treatment that can do many things for you and your oral health. In fact, the treatment is often necessary because:

— The bone graft can be used to heal fractures in the bone. The fractures can be old fractures, new fractures, or fractures that failed to heal after the first attempt at treatment.

— The bone graft can stimulate healing and fusion between two bones.

— The bone graft can restore or regenerate bone in the area that was lost or disintegrated as a result of disease, trauma, or infection.

— The bone graft can enhance the healing response of the bone tissue that is surrounding surgically placed appliances, like dental implants.

Once the bone graft has been installed and your bones have healed, you’ll have the strong and reliable jawbone you needed for your dental treatment. As you can see, the bone graft is just a stepping stone toward your beautiful and stunning smile!

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