A Dental Bridge Might Be a Time Saving Alternative to a Dental Implant Restoration

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Tooth loss can cause several different complications in your mouth. Even if you learn to live with decreased ability to chew and process food before swallowing, the void left behind can still alter certain aspects of your speech and potentially affect your appearance. As time goes on, the void could also cause the nearby teeth to change their alignment and orientation in your mouth. Not only can this further limit your oral function, it could also contribute to chips and fractures on multiple teeth.

If you have recently lost a tooth, you should consider scheduling a dental restoration consultation at our dental office. After a basic assessment of your mouth, Dr. Jurgina Elezi and our team will help you understand your options for fully restoring the tooth and preventing further complications.

If you’re not comfortable with the oral surgery and extended timetable associated with a dental implant restoration, our dental professionals might recommend installing a dental bridge. This is a single piece of dental work that includes a replicate tooth that matches the void, as well as two crowns that will anchor the dental bridge on abutments created from the healthy cores of the two neighboring teeth.

If you live in the Quincy, Massachusetts, region and you have recently lost a tooth, you should call 617-729-4091 to set up a dental restoration consult at the dental offices of Coddington Dental.